Moving forward in these times, we will endeavor to keep you safe through social distancing, the use of PPE and disinfection. We will offer:

  • Curbside hearing aid repair on an appointment basis. Please place your disinfected hearing aid in a baggie or envelope. Call us when you arrive for your appointment at 973-383-4100. Put on your mask before we arrive at your car. We will take the hearing aids from you, troubleshoot it and return it to you disinfected or send it into the manufacturer for repair.
  • When needed, we will provide you a loaner hearing aid while yours is being repaired.
  • We have speaker troubleshooting instructions and speaker change instructions which we can email to you. We can then have the part sent to you. Some manufacturers have Instructional or You Tube videos on speaker change.
  • We can perform a clean & check on your hearing aids while you remain in your car.
  • We can perform minor adjustments on hearing aids as well while you remain in your car. Some adjustments, such as feedback management, will require an in-office visit which will be done without other patients in the office as much as possible.
  • Some newer hearing aids are eligible for remote care, meaning that we can connect to your smartphone and make adjustments. This must be on an appointment basis as well.


Face Mask Warning

  • We have had several people lose their hearing aid(s) while taking off their face masks. Luckily most of them were able to retrace their steps, call stores, and found them. Please be very deliberate when taking off your face mask so as not to dislodge your hearing aids.
  • Hearing aids under warranty may be replaced, but at a cost. Please wait a sufficient time to find them before filing a claim with us.