March 23, 2020

To Our Patients:

Although we are a medical service, we are “non-essential in terms of the life-sustaining definition. At the direction of both the Governor of New Jersey and the American Academy of Audiology, we are to close our physical doors so that individuals do not come in person. We do this to protect our high-risk patients as well as our high-risk providers.

Please call our practice phone number if you have a concern or need at 973-383-4100. We will monitor your call remotely and return them in a timely manner several times per day. We will continue to support you remotely to the best of our ability. We will mail you requested hearing aid supplies. We will also troubleshoot your hearing aids over the phone and direct you through hearing aid maintenance and minor repair. Your Owner’s Manual has much of this information. You-Tube videos are also available. Be sure to look for your manufacturer and style of hearing aid. Please note: if you have been outside your home or live with someone self-quarantined, please disinfect your hearing aids often. A small amount of disinfectant spray on a tissue or cleaning cloth will work. Wash your hands.

If you have recently purchased hearing aids and are in a trial period, the hearing aid manufacturers are granting generous extensions. For those of you who purchased your hearing aids through a Third-Party Administrator such as Tru Hearing, Amplifon or UnitedHealthcare Hearing (Epic), we will need to contact these companies for their policies on trial period extensions. For those of you on an in-home trial with demo aids, we will extend those loaners to you until we are safely able to open our doors. For those of you awaiting the return of a hearing aid repair that was sent out prior to our closure, we will contact you on an individual basis.

If you are desiring a warranty extension, we will call the manufacturers and extend the warranty if requested. We regret we cannot send your hearing aids in for a manufacturer’s clean and check at this time.

Please DO NOT MAIL your hearing aids to us as our mailbox is too small to accept boxes and our doors are locked. Our concern is that CoVid-19 can remain on a hearing aid for 5 days if not disinfected.

Our first obligation to you is “To Do No Harm.” We deeply regret that this means the loss of being able to interact with you in person. Again, call us at 973-383-4100. Please remain safe.


Elizabeth M. Chiusano, M.Ed., CCC-A, Owner