1. When making your appointment, we will pre-screen you or your family member for Covid-19 symptoms with a questionnaire developed by the CDC.
  2. If you are a new patient, please go on our website at www.sussexaudiology.com to complete completed forms to sussexaudiology@@centurylink.net or you may fax them to 973-383-4104. This non-contact method protects our staff. If this is not possible bring the paperwork with you to turn in to the receptionist who will be behind Plexiglas. If you are not able to print out our forms, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and alert our staff when you receive your appointment reminder call that you have not completed your paperwork so that we can plan properly.
  3. We can only allow one individual to accompany the patient per CDC guidance for medical practices. This is true or children as well.
  4. Upon arrival for your appointment, please call us at 973-383-4100 to let us know you are here and we can make sure that the clinic is has been readied for your arrival. Once the prior patient has left and the clinic disinfected, we will unlock the door and inform you that you can enter. We require face masks for all patients over the age of 2 or accompanying personnel be worn in the clinic. The patient’s temperature will be taken with a non-contact forehead thermometer. Our staff will be in N 95 masks or KN 95 masks, gloves and face shields or goggles.
  5. If there is no co-pay or paperwork to be collected, you will be brought into the audiometric test suite. The audiologist will sit at the audiometer table and will be seated approximately 10 feet away and review your medical and audiologic history. In cases of severe hearing impairment, the audiologist may opt to wear a clear mask together with a face shield when absolutely necessary. To allow for social distancing, we ask that only the patient be in the test suite unless the patient is a child or there are physical or cognitive handicaps that require the accompanying person.
  6. The audiologist will then look in your ears to ensure there is not impacted wax. You will then receive an otoacoustic emissions test, first subtest of the hearing evaluation battery. You will then be directed to be seated in the booth and the balance of the hearing test will be conducted. We typically use foam tip ear inserts to direct sound to your ears which are replaced after each patient. If headphones must be used, they are disinfected prior to reuse.
  7. The audiologist will then explain the results to the patient and accompanying person and will make recommendations to what the next step is. A report is dictated by the audiologist for those who had a referral from their doctor and will be mailed upon receipt of the report. For those with a balance test scheduled with Atlantic Health, you will be given a copy to hand carry.